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Remission Lyrics

DVSR – Remission Lyrics

[Verse 1]
How do I believe?
How will I succeed?
When the future is becoming hopeless and me overdosing is the only option I see
Decreased by vicious disease, the easiest way out was seeming complete
I see me screaming in the face of defeat
Seeking tranquillity, give me peace, can I please be released?
As I’m separated away from disease
I was medicated, decaying, I’m weak
Torn thinking I’m picking petals, they’re all thorns
I’ve been up and down always elevated away from a smile
Descending forever into my own frown
Volatile state of mind, someone please get me out

[Chorus] [Matt Gelsomino-Novelists]
It’s been way too long
Putting up a fight inside that I know I can barely beat
I’ve been pushed but I’ve pulled on
All of these strings in my heart, I know that they can’t feel me
Tell me why I can’t breathe
Is it all a facade, is it all my dream?
I’ve been fighting for far too long

[Verse 2]
As I sat on the sun’s saddle, my heart’s pain rattled the leaves
Direct into a hundred thousand degrees
Skin is a repellent, internal I bleed, I concede
Walking towards my sanctuary, my ankles barely kept up with the travel
That my mind is set to carry the concoction of hope and pessimism it had me really worried
Had me either hoping to die or dying with hope in my heart; pick a side
Look inside this barrel of empty promises to find something keeping me alive
I feel my heart reply when I decide to try
Tell me why a journey that seeks the strong sought out me but failed to thrive
Tell me why

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