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First-Degree Lyrics

DVSR – First-Degree Lyrics

Yo, I watched the light in his eyes fade
The sweat moving from my nose it fell on his dying face,
I watched my demons just fly away, the primal instinct released in me and my mind state.
Turned to his father who was spectating palms to the sky tears in his eyes hoping god will save him (uhh)
"Isn’t the devils presence breathtaking" I whispered as I twisted the tool of in him fucking take him
Corrupted by the vessels that were rotting played his veins like a puppet displayed ‘em and loved it fuck this
Yo but I can’t I remember what he did to me this imagery regurgitated displayed it for him to see I
Cut a smile on my face and put him out of his misery ageing my body inside this distillery it’s still in me yo

Sober? No, nobodies home I know it, I’ve poured that bottle down my throat and chucked his corpse on the road explosive
Yo discard the heart he had left antagonising my magnified atoms and organise rhythms,
Uh listen, I made him stick em’ up like the hair on my arms when the sensation is thrilling, cuz.
Ventricular time ticking you’re quick to get little bit of a incline kick in
So so so many minds thinking won't they just leave me in solace, alone and so lost emulate behaviour that demotes us
I tally my skin with days I can not bare and veil my weary eyes from the occurrence that re-appears,
Yeah deaths doves speak with assassins
Motivated by visions of him burning ashes,
My final breathe forever lasting lay me by his side and just bury me in his casket
Lay me by his side and just bury me in his casket
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