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Duwap Kaine – PEEPHOLE Lyrics

K$upreme on the beat, ayy

Playin' in the cocaine
Ridin' in a foreign, smokin' propane
I be ridin' and hidin'
Fuck the police, fuck the law and fuck your damn guidance
Sippin' lean, slowly dyin'
Up on the highway and you know a nigga flyin'
In a foreign doin' dash
I remember when I didn't get no ass
Now a nigga first class
I smoke dope, you ain't even gotta ask
I been rollin' up the big dope
Sellin' pounds by that Citgo
Ayy, yeah, you know how that shit go
40 rounds make that shit blow
Got this K I'm not afraid to shoot
Don't run up 'cause I don't know you
And my nigga got the damn tool
I will blow you like a damn flute
Pull up in that camo
Shootin' all the ammo
Now I gotta reload, ohh
Them bullets goin' through the peephole
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