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Fuck The Cpd 2 Lyrics

Duwap Kaine – Fuck The Cpd 2 Lyrics

Got a couple guns, shoot them guns for fun
Shoot a nigga down, watch that nigga run
Why these niggas run?
Boy these niggas scary
Pop a nigga open, I ain't talkin' bout a cherry

[Verse 1]
Smokin' flame, you can get flame
No it's not a thang
Got this thang, I'ma let it bang
Bullets to your brain
Two pistols bitch I'm Max Payne, yeah I bring the pain
Got the Mac on my fuckin' hip, and I let it hang
Got a Ruger shoot to your medulla
Bitch it's gonna do you
I'll wake you up but I ain't no rooster
Bitch I am a shooter
Shooting bullets to your whole body
Now you got a tumor
Sippin' codeine, that purple lean
But I ain't no future
Open a bottle up got me movin' so slow
Got them bricks from the truck
Got them bricks up on a boat
I use to move them rocks, i don't do that no more
I had bricks in the wall, and the bricks up in the door
All these niggas fool, all these niggas fake, I'll shake you up like a milkshake
Let a nigga try me, you gone die today
If he go to heaven, he gone fly today
Gotta couple poles and he never shine
But his bitch ass better not try today
I be gettin' money like the lottery
Bitch I'm charged up like a battery
Got hella guap, got hella fans
You know I'm a celebrity
You niggas is not on my level
These niggas is dirty boy I need a shovel

Toting on the metal
And I just bought a bezzle
Why you talkin' all on Twitter?
Better be careful

[Verse 2]
If yo ass hating now you elevating
Have to shoot the niggas how they ass hatin'
Bitch I eat my food eat my macaroni eat my fuckin' chicken and my fuckin' bacon
When I walk past, have the niggas shakin'
Bitch I got a Glock, so my ass is taken
I was right there , you was right there
You was with a gun so yo' ass was faking
Pull up to the cemetery
Pull up where the opps at
When I pull up on they block I'ma turn up to a opp pack
Shooting niggas I'm with that
That guap, I did that
Yes, I got a Big Mac so yo' ass better get back
Pull up with the thirty shot
I flex do that a lot
Pull up in a foreign car
Leave marks in the parking lot

Go inside the grocery store gotta lot of shit in my shopping cart
Niggas talkin' that bullshit but I'll pop they ass like a Pop-Tart
Let's get it
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