Pain, Fallen, Fallen, Fallen from my head
I wrote myself a letter, to tell myself a lie.
That I am geting better, to stop my twitching eye.
And now I see the smoke clear, as I'm looking for my exit.
I throw my pills across the floor, cause they aint doing shit

Nail in my coffin and a hammer in my hand.
Loss of control more than I can stand.
You say nothings wrong, but you know I can't lie.
So put the nail in my coffin and the coins on my eyes.

Blood, Fallen, Fallen, Fallen from my head.
I punched myself this morning, to see if I was awake.
But when I rose to face the day, it was all that I could take.
They're draining away my life, it seems it's slippin' through the cracks.
The world provides no tourniquet, don't tell me to relax.

Tears, Fallen, Fallen, Fallen from my head.
I read the papers headlines, another tragedy.
I think it's someone else but it still brought me to my knees.
I scream at my own reflection, cause there's no one in the room.
The face that's in the mirror is full of solemn, fear, and gloom.

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Nail In My Coffin Lyrics

Drivin Rain – Nail In My Coffin Lyrics