How many forgotten, how many betrayed?
Ten unknown soldiers, one unmarked grave.
How many shot, how many enslaved?
Missing in action. One unmarked grave.

How many in dungeons, how many in chains?
Prisoner of war, one unmarked grave.
How many for sale, how many for trade?
Only a number, one unmarked grave.

(Chs)-How many forgotten, missing in action.
Prisoner of war, only a number.

How many in anguish, how many in rage?
How many abandoned, how many unsaved?
How many in shackles, how many encaged?
How many in torment, how many deranged?

How many tortured, how many in pain?
How many been brainwashed, how many insane?
How many bullets, how many grenades?
How many toy soldiers, how many games played?


How many slaughtered, how many in waves?
How many tomorrow, how many today?
How many will die, how many in vain?
One darkend heart equals ten thousand graves.


(How many forgotten?) Remembered as one unmarked grave.
(Missing in Action) Discovered in on unmarked grave.
(Prisoner of war) Freedom in one unmarked grave.
(Only a number) Counted as one unmarked grave!
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Unmarked Grave Lyrics

Drivin Rain – Unmarked Grave Lyrics