(Chs) Rain's comin down, to wash you all away.
The Rain is coming down, and there's nothing more to say.

A love so sweet, or a hole too deep.
You're just a girl I'm not playing for keeps.
Here today, tomorrow your gone.
With just a simple little C'est la vie
Cause I'm a guy who's done some things.
That people like to talk about.
Some of it's true, and some of it ain't.
Just no one took the time to find out.


I made my bed, and I'll lye in it too.
Whether it's with or without you.
Don't need a thing but this song in my head.
A bag of green and a bottle of red.


So ask no questions, I'll tell you no lies.
Get on your knees and look me right in the eye.
Let my gaze cut you down to size.
Bout time that you realize.

Rains coming down, I say the rain is coming down.
The Rains coming down. I said the rain is coming down.
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The Rains Coming Down Lyrics

Drivin Rain – The Rains Coming Down Lyrics