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Drink My Wine Lyrics

Drivin Rain – Drink My Wine Lyrics

Mister pass the bottle, but not because I am depressed. Well I'm not depressed!
Gas that's for my throttle, don't even have to be the best. Not the best!
Set em up, knock em down, a 1-2-3
Set up three more just for I myself, and me.

Don't need no nothing fancy, cause it won't spin my head around. And around.
Starting to get ancy, cause the bartenders no where to be found. Well he better be found.
Walk up to the bar holding up a empty glass, babe behind the bars gonna whip me up some trash.

(Chs)(Gather round) Drink My Wine.
Gotta please your self sometimes.
(Raise em up) Drink My Wine.
I'd say it's your time to unwind.
(Shoot 'em down) Drink My Wine.
Gonna leave here feeling fine.

Martini or Rossie, it's not gonna be here tonight. Not tonight.
Seven and Seven is rolling the shots here all night. Is that alright?
Tequila walking round gonna give you a whirl.
Jack is in the corner naked with some girls.

(Chs) Alright! (solo)
Drink up!
(Gather round) gather round, and step right up.
(Raise em up) raise em up real high!
OH-(Shoot em down) -2yea-ha.

Now tell me that don't just hit the spot!
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