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Still Lyrics

Diego Money – Still Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Tracy]
Lil Tracy

[Verse 1: Diego Money]
Do you know I'm getting guap
Young Diego bitch I'm hot
Pull up in a new drop top, she gon' drop the top
Still be posted on the block
Still be smoking A1 crop
Still be toting Glocks
Play with me, I give him thirty shots
Say you're on it, but you're not
My pockets they filled with knots
New diamond, ice chain
And my watch filled up with rocks

Young nigga I'm chasing the guap
Play with me, you could get shot
Straight to the top
My niggas they aim at your top
That 9 on me just like a cop
Know I don't fuck with the cops
Damn, your bitch she seeing my chain, then she get wet like a mop
Chasing the cash, I can't stop now
New jacket is made out of fox
My diamonds they look like they boxing
Diamonds they look like they came out the faucet
Buy what I want, I don't care what the cost is
Do what I want, only hang with the bosses
Getting the cash, ain't taking no losses
Niggas stay stealing my swag
Flex on you niggas, that's why you so mad
Niggas so broke, that shit is so sad
Might hit me a juug, it'll get me a bag
Keep a hundred in the stash
I come in [?]

[Verse 2: Lil Tracy]
I can't be cuffin' no thot
I just get straight to the top
Tracy, Diego, American money and pesos
I gotta jewel on my wrist
I got your boo on my dick
I got her friend on my dick
I don't know who I'ma hit
We finna have a menage
Step in the club oh my gosh
I know this lil boys plot
Diego might let off a shot
Pocket like me, stop it
I'm dunkin' and they just be watchin'
I'm flexin' I know that they sick
I make a fuck nigga vomit
Diego and Tracy go crazy
In the cities, going 80
I know his girl wanna date me
Fuck love, bitch pay me
I used to plot on the plug
Now I get payed to show up
Tat on my face so what?
I do whatever I want
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