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Get Rich Lyrics

Diego Money – Get Rich Lyrics


Diego Money

Ballin' on these niggas
I just flexed on that bitch, I just fucked his main bitch
I got niggas hating on me, cause a nigga getting rich
I got young niggas in the pen, you know we hit them licks
Niggas know not to touch me, cause they know we tote the sticks
We got 30s, We got choppers, Bitch you know we with the shits
Pussy nigga think it's sweet, nigga you could get hit
Young nigga bust a jugg on you, yeah I'm too slick

[Verse 1]
I got niggas hating on me, but I'm only getting richer
Bitches see me out in public, and they wanna take a picture
I just flexed on that nigga, I just flexed on that bitch
Ice chain round my neck, diamonds cold, make you sick
I got so many pints of lean, like a pharmacist
You know I'm a money feen, put some diamonds round my wrist
And we know that you a pussy, you ain't really with the shits
We ain't really with that fuck shit, we'll shoot the shits


[Verse 2]

Spend a check when it's boring
Young nigga, and I'm balling like Jordan


Young Diego, I'm important
In the club, in the very important


Im balling, I'm scoring
Off that lean, yeah you know it got me snoring


Yeah you know I'm getting money
Independent, and I'm already touring


Yeah I'm in LA
Riding down Melrose, diamonds in ya face
Young nigga getting cake
Iced up, yeah I know that's why you niggas hate


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