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Overseas Lyrics

Diego Money – Overseas Lyrics

[Verse 1: Diego]
'Member I was broke, now I get that cheese
I ain't have no jewels, now my neck on freeze
I ain't have no shows, now I'm over seas
They ain't know my name now they know me globally
Yeah yeah, hah hah

[Verse 2: Uno]
Bitch I'm 508 degree, ooh she ain't know my name but she seen me on TV
Any nigga lame tryna hand me they CD's
I got global status I get racks from overseas
Pull up wit' the chopper they gon' bring it to his knee, ooh ooh
Cock back let that bit' bang, let him breath, hol' up ooh
I pull back, switch lane, Ferrari
Check my lane bit', Google, Safari
Told her I don't play no game bit' nah, Atari
Please excuse my swag bitch, parton me
And I'm flexin' on my left bit', look at me
Pull up in the Jag' bit, big 40

[Verse 3: Warhol]
Check me out I'm swaggin' like I hopped right out the ski resort
Nosey nigga study all my business like a book report
Andy what they say for short, ball on any nigga that ain't in my court
I get it straight out the port, no they can't get to the fort
Fake kickin' he gon' fuck up the case
Funny niggas get up go and I'm straight
Ice water my neck, I gotta big bag I check
Young nigga gon' flex, that's all I know
Big bag I blow, roll these bands at the show
Came wit' my niggas, boy I came wit' my niggas
Runnin' 'round counting figures, counting figures, yeah
Ridin' 'round, counting figures wit' my niggas
Ridin' 'round, counting figures wit' my niggas

[Verse 4: Tracy]
I'm puttin' in work, you know
Wait, hol' up, you don't
Fuck any bitch that I want
Boy I can't love no lil' hoe
I love money you know
I love hunnids' you know
I love money you know
I love hunnids' you know
This the wave you can't surf with us
You can't ride wit' us, can't get high wit' us
Smilin' at yo main bitch, mouth iced up
Smokin' dope, pop a xan, I ain't high enough
Yeah, I'm a star, fuck whoever bitch
Yeah, bust a nut on a actress
Yeah I'm skinny but I'm flexin' bitch
Yeah, got your bitch sendin' messages, yeah
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