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Thouxanbanmoney Lyrics

Diego Money – Thouxanbanmoney Lyrics

[Verse 1: Thouxanban Fauni]
Bitch you know I do this shit quite often
For the flexin', for the fallin', we be ballin'
I know these niggas think they do this shit we tossin' (ho we tossin')
You know I had to flame that boy that pistol tossin' (pistol tossin')
Ok I lost a couple hoe's but shit I lost em' (shit I lost em')
And yeah I lost a couple bro's but shit I lost em' (shit I lost em')
Ok you know I pulled up [?] flossin' ([?] flossin')
Because if a nigga floss on me I flaw em'
Jugg that shit from you because you bought em'
Aye you know that I'm rich enough to cop em'
I ain't rich but I be juggin' gas yeah
Young nigga gotta' keep a damn strap
Watch my back

[Verse 2: Diego Money]
Young Diego might pull up on Harley's
Catch me in the club geeked up in the party (I'm geeked, geeked)
Walk around the club walking with my 40
Hundred bands on me jugg boy shawty
Young Diego Money and Thouxanban
Running through a thousand bands
Got guns like Afghanistan
Gotta get that lean gotta pour it in my soda can
Ice around my neck got me cold like the Polar man
Pulled up on you in a brand new [?]
Ice chain make em' hate ice chain take his [?]
All that shit around your neck boy we know that shit fake
All these niggas want my swag nigga tell me how it tastes
All these hoes see me shining man they want to go on dates
But I can't go on dates cuz' these bitches they too fake
I can't trust these fuck niggas cuz these niggas they some snakes
Hundred bands got a hundred bands I'm feelin' safe
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