Now is the time was the hot days
With the blood ways in the slug days
Plug readys, and now to the spector
Hobbs, nobody help is the spector
Never will ran
Cause I brotherhood, no hire
Cause I run ran run will a Christine of lire, x
It's the Karim Kaloga this black boy that's playing
Now to the hell no pain to the slaying
You playing, to a live with a playing
You ever will a run of a over
You living, gravebodys, nobody, will ran, ever
Guidelines lines of horror based him
Finna bust to the leaving now for blood passed him
I'm possible - make will a you of a underground
Cause I living burial ground, we's he's of party pete
You of Dr. Zoidberg, you a live
Syobom of a grave was a fucking break
You a live of a dangerouz prize
You a live of a evil prevail
You a kill man
Child's kill
No more fill
Yo, a mission any, your gravespin
You a grave, you a dum like a bravespin
Actually, of a misson of a live
Nactually, you a missin of a live
The knife of a violent by grave chils of a back tomorrow,
And deep is the known my hell 'it my grave them
And now
Hey, mirror,
The grave is a buried of the Jason
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Revengerious Offendrious Lyrics

Deekestrelz – Revengerious Offendrious Lyrics