[Intro: samples]
Mordecai And Rigby, Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm
[Intro: KA]
And horror, [?]
And, and the black, [?]
To the murder, of a darkside, darkness
Dare is darkside
Fuck you fuck you says
Yeah, yo everybody
Godfrey Effisawey
Christine Aspell
Karim Kaloga
Brook Gima
And-an-running to fast, running to go
Nine-five hundred revenge, for the caskets horror fixtures, caskets, caskets
And reading and deadly if a deathtrap
And now to the shadows
Digging-dig-diggin' up the buried, [?]
Nine, five hundred, revenge

[Chorus: Park Low]
Going to die, to die, anyway
Going to die anyway
(Repeat 4x)
DEEKESTRELZ *deekestrelz* Deekestrelz?
DeEkEsTrElZ!, dee-kestrelz?
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Grave Revenge Lyrics

Deekestrelz – Grave Revenge Lyrics