Come with the tomb(16x)

[Verse One: Flatyouthz]
Yeah, ahh, [?]
The heart represents taking alive cold blooded killer
The Godfrey revenge
All the nightmares is coming is offeeend!!
Yo, [?]
The deep is feather, for the pirates
The prevails, scary pictures is treasure day
[?], Hey, [?], Deekestrel???
The grave with the????????????
The grimm reaper of death is dark????
Because to lies, is the diary
Ka, diggin up the buried is stay

[Verse Two: ka]
Come on, come on
Ashes to ashes, dust to the dust
The brook gima feel like a style is rust
Now imma back of dead, what's the problems!
Get out my face, place is diary of and madman is
I????? ????? Problems, ????? Of?????
Scaried of madman bitch I punch Lisa
Cause I stop I say, ''stop stop stop''
Now to the brain I say ''stop stop stop''
Top with the [?], else with the top it
With the bloody evil, [?]
Come with the tomb, come with the tomb
Deep in the burial ground for the bomb
Come with the tomb, keep yo ass is the womb
Now is a slayers, [?]
Yo, yo, yo, diggin up the buried is stay

[Verse Three: Prizza]
Yeah, Deekestrel deep earthing back today, [?]
Deadly deadly bloody bloody deadly deadly
Christine ya' ripped it off like a grave
[?],??????? Is the death with day
Karim Kaloga, diggin up the buried is stay

[Verse Four: ka]
Here, wrong turn and the ring and saw
Yo, yo, yo, motherfucking or dawn
????? Home of dark with the scared, with dead
[?], diggin up the buried is stay

[Outro: ka (Flatyouthz)]
[Oh shit, Deekestrelz son is the dark, yo]
(Or cause don't come bodies this dead is even of spill) (x)4
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Diggin' Up The Buried Lyrics

Deekestrelz – Diggin' Up The Buried Lyrics