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The One Lyrics

Crushead – The One Lyrics

There are times in life in which everything's okay
Everybody loves you, your ship lies in a bay
Where no storm can hit it, no wave can destroy it,
Everything's good and you think that you've made it
The path that you walk on is stony but wide
And there are people who walk to your left and your right
A bright sun is shining inside and outside
You feel alright, you feel invincible

You know these are times which suddenly can be over
You fight against rainstorms there's no warming shoulder
The wide path begins to get narrow and steep
You stand in the rain as a lonesome sheep
The people that once were your fellows have gone
You ask for a leader but you're the one
The one who is forced to crawl in the dirt
To cry all your tears in your ripped-off shirt

Don't lose your way, don't lose your way
Hold on and reach out and shout it out loud
You need someone to believe in
If you feel trapped walk straight ahead
Watch out for the one who cares and go on
Just give him everything

You know this situation, you know how it feels
To be the one who's left but you've got the skill
To get out of this trap to enter the light
In which you belong to in which you're alright
The world keeps on movin' no matter what's up
And please man move with it don't let yourself down
You are a person you are someone
You deserve to live and not to be all alone

Don't be scared of the people who point the finger at you
These are the ones who are searching their point of failure too
Don't let them tell you wrong from right
It is up to you to take a step to the light
You won't find the answer in sitting and waiting
You gotta get up to look for your chance and then take it
You just got this one life you have to defend
Against all enemy's attacks man it's in your hands

Go and find what you're looking for
Don't pretend to be the one who's invincible
Life has to go on so don't waste your time
Let the one come inside you with great love divine
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