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Heroes Lyrics

Crushead – Heroes Lyrics

Jenny's sittin on the stairs waiting after school
The father in the factory hard working so cruel
The mother in the appartment washes the dishes every day
Days go in days go out always the same
Feels like a wall breaking onto their necks
When the father's coming home
And he beats the mother in the face
And rapes her on the floor
A man destroyed of alcohol in a world going insane
Broken home broken dreams
The children share the pain

Why don't you answer
Why such a cancer
What happens
Our heroes become weak

Jonny's lieing in the killing field moribund people all around
And he can't remember what he's fighting for his soul's a bloody wound
Propaganda voices in his ear keep fighting for your motherland
What a mother what a land the weapon in his hand
And he keeps on killing all the people around
Because of what he doesn't know
And it doesn? T touch him anymore
When mothers cry at home
What a world of war what a world of sin
What a world of hate and lies
Hey teachers become preachers
And see the panic in their eyes

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