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Embrace Opportunity Lyrics

Crushead – Embrace Opportunity Lyrics

Walking through the city is a torment once again
In every street on every place is election campaign
They're smiling and they're laughing
Some looking seriously
And in the evening you can watch them on tv

Discussing, altercating, trying to put each other down
Endless conversations endless monologues
About the failures of the government and of the given law
And after that you find yourself as clever as before

'cause we need more than just words
We need energy and deeds
It's not the way just to talk
And to get each other down

When aspiration for success becomes embarrassing
When bigmouths in a suit act like the greatest kings
When the headscarf of a teacher is a reason to discuss
And nuclear power stations are second-hand stuff

Is it necessary to always have the final word
Just to say a sentence is a double-edged sword
Match the action to the word don't get lost in dispute
Seize an opportunity stop the apocalyptic mood.

It's your duty to be human
It's worth making the effort
Sometimes it's difficult to breast the waves
You are chosen ones, so don't lose too many words
Make something happen, bias things in the right direction
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