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Shake Me Lyrics

Crushead – Shake Me Lyrics

Lord you know my presence and you know my past
You even know the things, I got lost
You know my pleasures
You know my fears and you know the words
Which are spoken here
And now I'm callingup to you my lord
I'm a a stupid sinner in acrazy world
And you are the one to grap me out of my fears
To set my heart free and put a smile in my face
I take a look at myself and my injuries
In my soul in my heart in my reality
Feels like I'm caught in a net of my own sins and lies
Lord please cut the strings and open my eyes

Cruising just cruising
Watch me lord and seek
Shake me just shake ma
Shake me till I scream

Wake me up son of G. O. D.
Make my day blow me up like T. N. T
You're the one to take me to the promised land
And to grap me out of this crazy place
In your name we crush our heads
You're the reason why we clap our hands
Make me burn make everything you want
You're the only holy one

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