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Cauterizer Lyrics

Craig Xen – Cauterizer Lyrics


Cauterizer, seep through the flesh of any organism in my way
Flat liner, soon as I can find a direction to send all my pain
I advise ya, stay up out my motherfucking lane, this one I paid
Raging my way through the flames as I proceed on to my early grave
Just like a slave in the system ain't shit, bitch, please don't get it twisted
They look up to me like I did something significant, I ain't did shit yet, my
Wrist slit when my bitch clench as I undergo another spiritual transmission, young Xen
Summon again as I come, as I come, as I come
I'm the god damn fucking beast
Don't pull a chopper out, fuck is talking 'bout?
I split your spirit up into some molecules
How do you fathom the fact, mane, that you couldn't contest, better yet, defeat me?
You can't even see me
How you finna beat me if you cannot reach me? I click off the leash
Some things I could teach you if you would just listen
I gather this power from different dimensions

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