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Still Lyrics

Craig Xen – Still Lyrics

If I could start my life over I wouldn't change a damn thing
I'd still be an empty shell with a corrupt brain
My nuts would still hang, hanging like orangutan titties
Still be labeled weirdest nigga in my city still
Living in hell, still willing to kill
Still gotta take my pills I been cursed with a gift
I'm bipolar
Look, and my life is just a byproduct of my struggles
Still wishing I could die tomorrow
I still be a suicidal high roller
Shaking these dice with my life for the rush of it
Fucked over, look
I done been fucked over so many times
I'm still grateful of them sluts for it
I still be a venomous cancer to the youth
Killing them all, and loving it too
And still loving what I do, know you loving it too
Still comfortable with these cunt fans, I'll bust on your tooth
I still be the psychopathic cult leader
Probably die gulping bleach by the fucking liter
I still beat my meat with no lotion either
I still steal puppies from the fucking breeder
And I'm still Instagram preaching
Fronting like my life ain't going off the deep end
And east weekend look, I'm still self seeking
Selfish, helpless, Hell Bent, demon
Craig Xen, but ain't nothing zen about me
I'm rowdy, and proud to be aggressively announcing
"I still ain't shit, ain't been shit, and I don't ever plan to be"
I gotta do stupid shit to keep my sanity
Cause I'm an Adrenalin junky
Still Devilish and handsome
I'm trying to fuck on your auntie, Nigga

So tell that bitch let me fuck
Tell your auntie let me fuck

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