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5:03 AM Lyrics

Craig Xen – 5:03 AM Lyrics

Aha boy its 5:03 am 5:03 am i’m up and hustling
Why you sleep bitch i’m up and hustlin’
Ey whats up ehy ehy ehy say whats up say whats up say say Whats up say say say whats ehy ehy ehy ehy ehy say say Whats up say say whats up ehy ehy

[Verse 1]
Boy its 5:03 am why you sleep I’m up and hustling
Spiritually waying to that beat with my other hand
Understand niggas fuck with Xen out of respect
Rap game careers
I’m an pimp pimpin’ vet hey
Pimp Pimpinology, Xen University
Niggas turn on me
Imma burn them to the 3rd degree
You don’t wanna versus me
[?] brought a Verse for me
I disrespect his label and his team
Then sent him back to him
Fuck you and your clique bitch
I’m on my own shit
Infinite militia on the underground hitlist
Killswitch, I haven’t fleeked in the gar [?]
Trynna black balls it, but they can’t stop me
Grow on me you kid
Rolled over that's your options
I ain't in that politician
No, I don’t sign shit
Independent Xendepent on Craig
I got spouted
Niggas they got sneaked
Hit me up coz I’m buzzin’ that
Bitch get off my dick quick
Leet? give me your Soundcloud
Paypal leet, million digits, yeah we talking now
How that sound
Nigga quit that shit
Put the pin down
Rapping ain't your passion
You just want some enemy [?]

Bitch I threw up on the first tape, nigga
The mind stronger than the motherfucking body but keep resting man
Motherfucking [?] right here with me bruh
Infinite militia
Say wassup
Aye I'm finna get some rest nigga, god bless

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