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Craig Xen – TRINITY GARDEN Lyrics

Craig Xen
Infinite Militia bruh
Imma tell you straight like this man
If you hearing this right now this for all my dream chasers bruh
You know what I'm saying
You got a vision
You struggling right now
You stuck
You ain't where you wanna be at bruh I'm right here with you
You hear me
My spirit right here with you bruh
I'm struggling with you
We gon keep fighting bruh
You know what I'm saying
Maintain focus
Let me put y'all up on god

[Verse 1:]
Aye what's up
Grind while the next man sleep yuh
Write while the next man eat yuh
Fork in his hand
Lil Xen got a pen and a pad imma chase my dreams yuh
Can't nobody out-grind me no
Ain't nobody hand me shit hoe
I ain't got time for a bitch unless she got a rubber band wrapped round her bank roll for me
Nigga real talk
Everything I say came straight from the heart
Put 'em on game imma teach you lil lame ass niggas something 'bout this life aye
If you want something you gotta fight for it
Dedicate your whole life to it
Everything you see I earned I bled shed tears shed sweat I'd die for it
Niggas talk tough they won't fight me
Haters mad as fuck I'm up rising
Can't give a fuck imma stay grinding
Nigga pull up bitch come stop me
Posted with my soldiers oh lord copy
Swangaz poking out that wide body
Indo burning OG kief
We dranked out send shawty with a loaded rocket
Niggas talk shit must not know me
[?] out of 5th ward
Infinite militia we deep boy
Don't believe me come see boy
Pull up on the street like "fuck woah"
"I done pulled up on the wrong nigga"
Infinite militia don't fuck with ya
Underground or mainstream niggas

You feel me?
Aye no handouts bruh
We grinding inedpendent my nigga
You feel me?

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