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The Social Network Lyrics

Chuuwee – The Social Network Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I think I have other problems in life than who i’m fuckin’ tonight
Tonight, hope you fuckin’ her right
I think I get more joy out of jewelry than trying to find a wife
Cause I could be alone for majority of my life
Who thinks I’m the shit, and who tells me i’m white
How many retweets and how many pics liked
The how many pic likes I have, that shit is trife
I’m happy with some money and a way to catch a ride
I’m a simple man
Who doesn’t understand the system of the simpleton
To act like you got it until you get it, then you get it
And theres one way newer you gotta go and get it
Its the cycle of life, yes here we go again
Standing on the podium, hopin’ my shit is potent
While they throwin’ paper airplanes at me and makin’ joke to me
I thought the dreads and a pistol [...?]
Let them niggas know I ain’t ever been on no bogus shit

How do you make cheese when social status is king
Social status is king
You can be anyone in the world if you can afford the fees
If you can afford the fees
You can be famous part of the world the rest they ain’t never seen
The rest they ain’t never seen
You can be heavy in popularity but empty in esteem
And sadly thats the way that it seems

If its not about cars, clothes, ho’s, dough
Then they don’t wanna give it a chance
Or if it ain’t bumpin’ all over the world
They could give a fuck if its the shit in Japan
You could be anyone in the world, Anywhere on the planet
Put the money in the palm of a hand
They say they sold souls to the devil just to execute plans
Shoulda sould your soul to the man, Cause he a cash out

[Verse 2]
But shit thats if you want to take the fast route
Cash route, sold out concerts cashed out
All you gotta do is see something they can't spot
You can be the man if you put it in a grand spot
I have life solved to a teeth, Took a hit of DMT
That had dissolved in my teeth, If you’ve seen what i’ve seen
Then you too could be supreme
Cause we melanated, we are Anti-Amer-i-can
The whole world only wanna win like sheen
Find a pair of nice jeans on sale, life dreams
First world problems, serious as they seem
They don’t really mean a thing, ungrateful human being
Its a war on terror going since I was a teen
A war on drugs turning everyone to fiends
The moral of the story though is you could live free
Listen when the melanator speaks
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