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Lonely In Land Park Lyrics

Chuuwee – Lonely In Land Park Lyrics

Intro : Aww boy , this is usually how my text message thread look, Real shit

Verse 1: "How you doing? How come you never reply?"
Doing fine Where you been at? On my Mind all the time

"Oh you must be trying to kick it why you lyin? Why You lyin?"
"Oh you game is kinda clever i admire i admire"

I'm just happy you don't sweat me no perspire no perspire
"It takes everything in me not to hit your line sometimes"

I seen your little pictures looking summer time fine
"When the hell are we gone kick it?" Is the Summer time fine?

I get free time coming so i mean.. if you dont mind?
"I always got free time you can borrow some of mines"

"Whatchu doin?" Finn blaze i be High all the time
"I don't really even smoke no more"

"Sometimes im just not feeling the need to be loaded all the time"
I respect it i just use it when I'm focused on these rhymes

"Whatchu doing later on?" Recording...why?
"Well I see that nothing's changed." cause i do that all the time

Chorus[Chuuwee]: And i know these things
Something unfolded in you
And maybe you want me
A little more than im wanting you

You get a little too cozy
And i don't wanna get that homely with you
Someone Must be lonely
You're feeling me more than i'm feeling you

VERSE 2: "Are we celebrating or are we just having a toast?"
"Are my questions irritating i be asking the most?"

"Will i see you tomorrow evening to pass the Mimos?"
If you show me how them jeans put that ass in a choke

And you laugh at my jokes that shit one of a kind
Take you shoes off how come you keep runnin through my mind?

"Stay a while spend some time." Got none of that on my mind
"I hate to bother you but why come you don't never have time?"

For every dime i admired or i ever told a lie to
The answer there is simple i'm heavy on my grind

"Oh That figures." I said why kuz I'm heavy on my grind?
She Said "And" I Said and kuz i say that all the time?

Shit my rewards show for it and here goes the door to a show
Baby go for it ... Don't be so ignorant

Pretend you care that i'm rapping and going forward
And send me naked pics and player shit when i go recording


Verse 3: "Where you been at haven't seen you in a while?"
"You Look different you growing dreads feeling you new style"

"I heard you said you finna quit you need to calm that down"
Oh and since when have you been interested in what i jot down?

"Don't be a dickwad asshole, yo shit is profound"
That's why i fucks with you my nigga you be holdin' it down

"Now if you can do the same i'm right over off of Howe"
"I'll be here for like 3 hours i'm in nothing but a towel"

Kind of caught me off guard wishin' i could buy a vowel
I'll pull up in a minute gotta handle somethin now

But i really really did it hadn't showed up in a while
I could tell that baby missed it it already had a smile

Disappear, probably won't hear from me again for a year
Bitches hate it but they love it they chalk it up as i'm weird

So long as we in the clear when i come back for the cheers
Don't give me attitude just say ok when i say i'm here


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