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Rock The Party Lyrics

Chuuwee – Rock The Party Lyrics

Go! (24x)

[Verse 1]
Come get some you little bum
I drop the rhymes, make sure the hoes come
Might face break you, never mistake you
Fake crews, gays ass clowns wearing Jake Crew
Fake dudes fronting with the shit that they bump
May long live the Chez when the system bump
I gotta all black shotty with an action pump
So if it's funk, I turn a meat head to a slump
But I came to rock a party right on time
And when I'm on the microphone they lose they mind
The girls gyrating looking extra fly
It'll be 187 if I get in behind
Motha fucka 9-5, the way I grind
Is on point, the stars all aligned
I sit and wonder, the times that I lose my mind
Why I gotta be the one to really bruise the mic
They Ortiz rhymes, and lose the fight
It was aight, gotta check and then fell in the hype
But it's aight, gotta bat and I'm chillin tonight
Hanging with fellas that was plotting on swelling ya eye
I bust the foul rhymes that was killing them soft
Every line I drop, they was filling them all
No hands, we ain't really feeling you dog
Gotta jammy in the bag, I killing them all

[Hook: 2x]
I came to rock a party right on time
And when I'm on the microphone they lose they mind
(Go!) (26x)

[Verse 2]
Come get some, who wanna come?
Run, hide, you can't go no where
You're medium well done
Why the hell ain't nobody tell son
You cannot defeat the immediate red one
Headline fracture, I shatter the snare drum
Fed dumb and lost that they try to compare us
When I'm on the mic all mass hysteria
You asking for me to come and blast your area
Set trip, you don't want to see when the tech spit
Death grip, squeeze till there ain't no nothin
Step in the room and they know that I'm fresh
Cause they all point at me saying he is the bestest
No time to stomp when the [?]
You niggas in the wrong and I'm making corrections
You niggas block balls like a major deflection
Way to hard, couldn't take the erection

[Hook: 2x]
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