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RadicaL Lyrics

Chuuwee – RadicaL Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Well aren't you just american as hell in yo american apparel
Bought a case of it a barrel half that shit you barely wear
You're so materialistic even deep and down to underwear
I wonder where oh where the humble bug has gone to under there
Somewhere deep under yo skin you might be lonely hurt or scared
So you just eat off all the heads of crooked men and fuckin players ...oopp
Someone has an attitude but I don't fuckin care
Its like whenever someone tells you no there crabs up in a barrel
What're you angry about you sterile?
Look her mad as fuck how dare you yea you
Yea true right I said it but what chu gone do bitch i dare you
Damn its fun as fuck to aggravate you she love when I take it there
She loves the game but hates the player plus she don't listen the shit I say her
Maybe i been tryna tell you shit that you should fuckin hear
You fucking bitch you fucking square did something come a loose up there
You play the victim kick yo feet and talk bout how it isn't fair
You breaking bottles breaking chairs and its not even all that serious
You're so

Radical, slice yo tires when she's mad at you
Radical, bad bitch bad attitude, radical
Radical, sporadic and she had a few
Too many drinks she's too irrational X2

[Verse 2]
That bitch done got you scared Cause she's loud, you're a square
You fucking stereo type well aren't you just American as hell
Hell yea going nowhere but straight to fucking hell
She said oh well and told me tales of more than when she was there
She had a 3 some with the devil and his minions in the lair
So to speak her analogy of when she fucked the mayor
I'm in way over my head but damn I like it kinda yea
I never back down from a challenge she gone let me pull her hair
She look like Tia and Tamera drive a Porsche Panamera
Eat Panera Bread frequently 400 times a year
You're just too fucking attentive everything I say you hear
But still you play like you don't care I said you figured me out cheers!
Musketeer I just poke and flee the scene I'm out of here
Bitch I'm at in and out in Davis I ain't eating I'm just here
I'm just chilling I'm just weird I'm just rolling chandeliers
They light up and get me higher than the roof and shit cheers cheers

Bitch I'm radical, love it when you give me attitude
Radical, She said why you think I'm always mad at you
Your Radical, I might just do some shit to rattle you and baffle you
You hanging from my nuts I had to tassel you

[Verse 3]
You're just American as hell because your weave is human hair
And everything you say goes out the other ear bitch I don't care
We been talking for a year and I wish I could disappear
Cause all you talk about is who did this and who took so so where
I'm about to lose my head and I had no fuckin idea
That fuckin you would be like tryin to raise a fuckin little kid
All those little things you do don't add up all the stuff I did for you
And you so damn ungrateful take for granted that you live
I'm so glad we don't have kids I stop calling her my rib
And call her life when I say that that's just like callin her a bitch ..bitch
You so fuckin goofy with your common 60 cents
But minus 2 cause you put that into when you be talkin shit
How I wish you don't exist on days I wake up and feel sick
Like what is this? Can't believe i let this trick get on my dick
I feel like Ne-Yo I'm so sick but you know what then again
She super luscious super think I'm so illustrious as shit you bitch I'm

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