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Meadowview Morning Lyrics

Chuuwee – Meadowview Morning Lyrics

[Beuno]Intro: Yea. Shots Firing, police sirens, ain't no sunshine over here no more man
Just a Meadowview Morning, my life. Thank god for another 24

[Chuuwee] Verse 1:

Wake up to a gunshot banging another south sac alarm clock
Cops said be on watch, have an alarm stocked

Have a tre-arm cocked , gotta stay on top
Whoever call shots, i'm tryna ball block that nigga

And fuck a tassel and a cap nigga
Im under qualified simply as a black nigga

Cocaine , fast women,money the crack, liquor
It's what i see the definition of a cap twister

20 miles southbound they see a crime say its that nigga
Out here nobody got yo back nigga

Its a wonder i made it out at all
That music i'm making i guess if you spit it somebody gone play it

Im celebrating Cause we half made it
Thinking bout all of my niggas locked down waiting

And my uncle just got out, block gettin hot out
My mind gettin' thick i think i'm Finna lick a shot out

[Chuuwee] Chorus:

Open my window blinds to crime meadowview morning
Good morning
Meadowview Morning , Good Morning
Open my window Blinds to crime Meadoview Morning x2

[Sean Lamarr] Verse 2:

Granddad used to stay on Tamoshanter
Right around that time a little nigga pulled a hammer

Knew that he was bluffin' didn't even throw my hands up (yea)
It was nothin' but what if it was something?

A different time a few years before Columbine
School Fights never lead to mufuckas dying

A little older now my dudes the one holding iron
And we fuckin riding, through the sea Poseidon

Fila Got caught up they bout to second strike 'em
He got three sons, bout to be just like him

Criminal minded, with no soul inside em
Raised em like little brothers i slowly watch them dying

Finally believing in fate, its powerful
Pay attention the choices you make

You'll get carried away getting carried away
And i just lost my grandfather no burial date

Another Sacramento morning its all in a day

[Chuuwee]Chorus: X2

[Chuuwee]Verse 3: This what i seen

Dope spot around the block from the elementary
Evidently we was causin' problems standing in the parking lot

Cops said i don't give a fuck if you smart or not
All up in my neck and my chest like a halter top

Old lady screamed out You oughta stop
Its just discrimination we saw a lot

Out here the bigs and the big timers call the shots
You either hugging the block or gettin' fucked in the lock-down

2 shots out somebody fell out
They used to be boys but a broad made em fell out

Nowadays how long you'll live can't tell
If you make it past 20 not staying in the jail house

If you make it off to college off a scholarship or Pell grant
Hard to catch like the mail man

Most of my niggas sell yams
And i'll be damned if im doing school all over again

[Chuuwee] Chrous: x2

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