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My Ex Was A Garden Tool Lyrics

Chris Crack – My Ex Was A Garden Tool Lyrics

I left my pistol at my cousin crib
Come fly me back to press the sheet on
Love me back, yeah right, blow some nuts
What I’m finna blow my brains a overdose
Naw bruh, make ‘em pick their jaws up
When she see you flexing in that Lexus
Telsa necklace on some vestors
Sneezing on these peasants, count your blessings
Always keep ‘em close, man I need a girl
To bring me checks, Christmas time she buy me tecs
Do my hair, come prepared, proper
Professed that poor performance name was Georgia
Man I need a girl that always keep me scoring
Off of daddy, ’67 caddy, she was my chauffeur
That’s my promises, dominance, feeling couldn’t bottle in
Come follow me, if she ain’t fucking with me then holler then
I need a girl don’t ask too many questions
Kinda hefty and before I even ask
She let me ninety-nine Gretzky on my jet ski
I need a girl with a switch blade
She gon’ bring it all back to me cause
She was locked up them six days
That’s a quick pay, just get paid
My bitch slay at a fixed pace
Let’s get laid, you could never be this base
That’s a stab to the rib cage, don’t hit base
I need a girl with a big bank
And is really just with me like dick bang
Make a chick faint, don’t get played
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