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Smoke Causes Cancer Lyrics

Chris Crack – Smoke Causes Cancer Lyrics

[Chorus: Chris Crack]
Drugs raised me, drugs paid me
Drugs saved me, ain’t nobody praying

[Verse 1: Chris Crack]
This that cane shit
You don’t bang shit, don’t come around here then
I seen your mans at Uncle Remus, he ran
Got his order, told him that was my homie
Phony people man, this shit is all dime-a-dozen
I send blessing to all my customers
And God damn she swallowed me
You ain’t been able to tell me shit
Since Gangsta Boo followed me
And she was hella cool
Man your raps suck, you should drop better jewels
Or bet a few, you still vegan with them leather boots
Oh man, stop it, ain’t nobody watching like hard copy
Big dogs in the yard stomping, shot two videos out in Compton
But don’t panic, you a fuck boy like Erick Ser—
I’m on a tandem with real and fake, wait
Don’t step on my base, ignore a hater
I used to move pounds out of state, getting round the plate
I pound a cake, she treat the dick like a shake weight
This ain’t no play play, and I don’t know what my home is
But for the weekend I got the keys to Ramon crib
Knock twice and just phone in
He don’t even drink but got cold beers

[Chorus: Chris Crack]
Whole case a clean came cheap
Marina del Ray, house was on the beach
Most times I don’t sleep, love free
But a bitch with whack pussy came cheap
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