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God's Ghostwriter Lyrics

Chris Crack – God's Ghostwriter Lyrics

Checked twenty-two up under the mattress
Big folks cute on boss on dashes
In the sunlight I’m basking
Schwarzenegger flexing I’m fresher than Taz is
I’m smoke on Shaun’s on the farm
And you bitches still getting the ass in
And crackheads live longer than vegans
Like they smoking a glass hen
Gold wrapping paper like
I ain’t knowing what trash is, bitch
Most of my life was just
Wondering where my dad went, back when I had sense
Before all the drugs and the bitches
I’m sorry it’s past tense
He just wanna be successful
That’s why he don’t have friends
And being woke ain’t fun
So I stayed to myself
To avoid all the sad shit
I’m with my ex in the Uber
Lifting weight like I ain’t know what a cab is
I ain’t come from a place
Where a nigga ain’t have shit
They told her the projects
And called it the newer home
I’mma get Jay Prince to clear off my student loans
Asking ‘bout who I know
Just went viral, can’t use my phone
My dubs used to be fatter than two-by-fours
Blown, don’t be mad at me, I’m just a healer
All this time, they called it a gateway drug
And now they want to be the dealer
Like they knowing what real is
Like they knowing what real is, shit
And why they keep lying to me
Did a song in less time than it took me to find the beat
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