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Chase The Dream, Not The Bag Lyrics

Chris Crack – Chase The Dream, Not The Bag Lyrics

[Verse 1: Chris Crack]
Crack a floss major, grew up around macs and boss players
Who wanna battle me, I sautéd ‘em, lost pages from ancient artifacts
They wanna know if it’s rap, really isn’t, man I done did it
That’s like you should come with me, it’s 150 first for the peep show
I need some deep throat to [?] feed ‘em like she see mo’
Ain’t no Valentine bitch, don’t wanna be yours, delete though
Comeback Caesar with the peacoat, fresh parts, evil laugh
Like I’m [?] teflon, I wanted a cute Asian chick with the dress off
And the leg is ain’t no telling with the cold was invented
Two and a half men, that’s ten limbs, I make dreams come true
With no features, keep beating your meat with meat cleavers
See me, house get teepeed, CP3Os, shout out to Gino
[?] your bike now I’m on a tricycle, I’mma borrow your lady
Because I lost mine, nice guy ‘cause I only kept her part time
These harsh times

[Verse 2: Guilty Simpson]
Desperado when I pull strings, barrel smoking like a hood fiend
Kush thing, vapor rub, papered up, big faces lined up
Like to tape it up, what, I played the club like a black Phil Mickelson
Whole night, you know it, I [?] on the writing, type slang, hall of fame
I’m notarizing, co-signing the dopest rhyming, this just in
Your boy cold as the midwest wind, fuck a suggestion
Keep it to yourself, I see the grim reaper for yourself
Is deeper than the wealth, I do this to mark territory
Like snake spit, you ain’t no fake shit, I’m ten toes down
Styles drew the nymphos wild, I told ‘em
I’ll holler when the rent rolls ‘round, business before pleasure
My next move’ll be me and baby rolling in a Tesla, looking extra
Cotch and heckle are for the hecklers bleeding on the stretchers
Feeble under pressure, never that, I bring storm, check your weather map
Felon rap, they [?] that, they soft spitters, they talk wigga, never black, what
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