He dosen't think what he's gonna do
All that can stop him is just me and you
I always knew I couldn't count on you
But this time I'm gonna have to trust you
This is cat, the little rat
He's taking it out on me
How can he
Like when he abused danny Yundspike
I do not think it is out of his like
We know it is sad we know it is sad
But who senses it's bad?

He can't do this
Now I feel guilty
I'm sick, my bloody consience
You know that I, baby
Can't stop thinking about it

We fixed him up yeah
We fixed him up right
We fixed him up with all our might
The world is safe I think there's just one thing
What about him?
Because I, baby, Can't stop thinking about it

Chorus repeated until fade

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Can't Stop Thinking Lyrics

Blacker – Can't Stop Thinking Lyrics