I got a date tonight
My date looks cool, so shall I
I did the most I could do to make myself cool
Except one major problem
I need a freaking haircut
I sprint into town all the places' closed
Don't know what i'll do
I can't do it myself
Cause I'll make a holy mess
The dance is starting, What can I do
She's probably waiting, Fuck it she's waiting
I'll have to wear a hat
Wait says me I've got an idea
So I sprint to my mom
Yo mom can you cut my hair and make it look cool
I can says she, why, gotta a date in school?
Aw look my little guy is growing up
Since the time I held you're hair whilst you was throwing up
Ok, got the scissors now get in place
And mind no hairs go down your back or on your face
Yo mama, Have to say, Is my hair ok?
Yes dear sweetie it's fine
So I sprint back home and I look into the mirror
And did I get a shock and a half
My hair was a mess, my hair was a state
I look like a fucking giraffe
I look like a fucking giraffe
I look like a fucking giraffe
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Is My Hair Ok? Lyrics

Blacker – Is My Hair Ok? Lyrics