I was talking to my mother
We was talking to each other
Then 10 minutes later you came by
You asked us what was up
We told you to shut up
We said go home you inbred waster

You said come on tell me please
Dude, I'm begging on my knees
It'll all add up in the end
Tell me or I'll really freak
Come on it's not like I'm a rocket science geek
Jesus dude, I really thought that you were my friend

Look mothertrucker we are talking 'bout stuff
Look motherfucker we aint tking no snuff
We're talking mom to son
So fuck off back to your home
What we're talking 'bout it's all true
Thing is it is nothing that concerns you

You are a dope you are a freak you are a loser
You are a faggot you're mophead you're an abuser
You are ugly, no one likes you and you smell like shit
You smell like you came out of a slurry pit
But I don't mean any of that in a bad way
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Nothing That Concerns You Lyrics

Blacker – Nothing That Concerns You Lyrics