One day I saw a hot momma
I stood and stared and said "shomra"
Her long brown hair
Falling here to there
And me just standing and staring 'cos

She's good lookin' and I'll keep bookin'
I need the right girl for me
Now don't get me wrong I'm singing this song
To pass from me to thee
She's nice

Oh man she had good looks
Never mind what's in your books
She has no spots you see
And she was looking at me
Ho ho ho there's my chance


When will i get a life
When will I be stabbed with a knife
She's 15 years older than me
But I still want to go out you see
Oh ho 3-2-1 let's do it hell yeah


She's good looking
She's good looking (Call me crazy)
She's good looking
She's good looking (I don't care)
She's so god damn good looking
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She's Good Lookin' Lyrics

Blacker – She's Good Lookin' Lyrics