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Journey From Ecstacy Lyrics

Black Smurf – Journey From Ecstacy Lyrics

I know you tryna fiend when I think about
If only you (?)
I'm looking at a view from a different cloud
She tryna come with me when I'm leaving out
If you could see her face when I turn it down
See I just keep moving I don't turn around
You going through some pain gotta let it out
I'm going to the drugs tryna calm it down (hold on baby)
Yeah I'll take a different route but don't go crazy
Yeah I gotta couple bucks, a couple baby
A bag and (?)
Don't touch that duffle bag
She like "boy what you hustle for?" you must be crazy but don't know what come with that

You know the answer to it swear I don't fuck with that

I'm the one

Only ones that can trust again

If we ever take a loss and come up again
Well fuck it then
Guess the cups make it harder to comprehend
Swear the past make it harder to trust again
Need a break but the bitch wanna fuck again
She gon' be high when I pour another cup again
She want a blunt I'm like "come again"
Hot wine then we fuck again
Sip slow while I rub her head
On her hair when she give me head she like "damn, such a gentleman"
Drop me off at the minivan
On the road til we meet again
And that add to the (?) man
And I hope that we never last
Aw man here we go again
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