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Thanks For The Laugh Lyrics

Black Smurf – Thanks For The Laugh Lyrics

On a pussy that ain't even mine
Talking shit but I ain't even (?)

At first

All the hate got me energized ready to open fire mane at any time
I ain't nothing like them other guys yeah I'm a dog but a different kind

If you ain't tryna make money when you wake

Everywhere I'm at nigga check the time
Bad bitch but she ain't my type I ain't give her

She ain't like genuine

Straight for it I don't wine and dine
Either keep up or get left behind

Told em' catch me from a better side

Not the king boy step aside

Don't know why she getting mad at me cause her attitude match her titty size
How you a man with no lick of pride
You ain't no, what, wait nevermind

Don't do any of that talking

Could of exposed niggas
Yeah I don't fuck with them boys but that shit old nigga
What the fuck wrong with niggas

I just stay to myself
I don't really roam with niggas

Trust my hoes with niggas
He ain't really bout that cash
He just posing nigga

Know they just jokers
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