Modern Robotica
Space travel Gattaca
Universal Warring tribes
With Fighter Ships like Galaga
Bring the Higher Caliber Vocabular
Time Traveling
Traverse a Million Parsecs
The thrust of a Mind Javelin
No babbling aloud how bow?
At a Pow Wow with a Black Mask
Think of the Facts
Yakub Genetics
Yo the Genome is Packed
With Noncoding Sequences
Entirely Hereditary
The chloroplast inside a Mitochondrial Cemetery
Polymorphism Diversify the Species
Endosymbiotic Theory swimming Deep in Feces
Check my Cell Construct
Look through the Micro leaving Awestruck
Look into the sky in Tandem
Sheeple screaming Awe fuck!
Was a Scientist
He went and Created a Race of Devils
In a cave extracting Black Germ
Afrocentrism was Leveled
Took 600 years to Infect
And grow the Ball of Roots
Exiled from Mecca
Yakub & the Gods worked in Cahoots
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Yakub Genetics Lyrics

Beast 1333 – Yakub Genetics Lyrics