Anti Communist Contras
In Nicaragua, Sandinistas
Recruiting Rebel Fighting Commandos
For the Resistance
Peep the First Wave
Bombarding My Lyrics
Through all your Speaker Cones
The Radiation Doubles alone
When you Using Speakerphone
Vast Networks of devices
Are now Appendages
Older Women Praying all Day
To they Graven Images
Unearthing Ancient artifacts
They found a Tomb of Buried Queens
Etched Upon the White Stone
The Hieroglyphs were Colored Green
Or So it Seems
Antiquities Gleam in the Heat of Cairo
Blue Beam and Grayish
The Light from the Norway Spiral
Watch my Webisodes
Throw Tags up on the Toes
Of old Decrepit Foes
As Legend Goes
The Beast is Composed
Of the Souls of P. L. O. 's
That Decomposed
The Core of my Soul is a Beating Beacon
I'm Indispensable to the Movement
Like Bleeding Deacons
As You Weaken take a Couple of Minutes
But Look I'm Feeling Great
Always Carry a Piece of Paper
With Symbol Figure Eight
Lets Wipe the Slate
And hit the Pollera's
Chickens For Half the Price
Santeros, Paleros who Dress in White
Machete Slice
I'm So Precise I'll Snipe em In the Night
From 1300 Yards
Sub Aquatic Mammals
Are Split open for they Precious Lard
I'm Avant-Garde
I'll Probably be Remembered as a Pioneer
It's Scientific Fact that as Humans
We all Desire Fear
They Chugging Beer
And Bringing they bottles with Them up to the Stage
Security Blankets
For Insecure Emcees of Lower Gauge
You bunch of Drunks
The Alcohol Atom is Bound to Carbon
I know what it's Like
To Perform at the Square Garden
Was Pardoned
My Mold Hardened
My Trainings from all the Rap Greats
Living With a Legend
A Templist eating Rap Cake
I'm Light Years beyond
Like if Voyager went and Jumped to Warp
I Only every Had one Suit
And it was to Go to Court
The Richest Port Caribbean
My Bloodline that of Arawak
Mohammed Abdel Rahman Abdel Raouf
Was Arafat
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All Sieng Lies Lyrics

Beast 1333 – All Sieng Lies Lyrics