It's Been 13 Years before My Last Confession Father
(Go ahead and Speak your Sins your looking Agitate and Bothered)
You see the thing is
I Been searching for God all my Life
Struggling up in the Ghetto with my Kids and my Wife
I walk with a Knife in Case I Have to Slash up a Face
Aint' no Jobs aint no Future aint No Cash in this Place
I Resorted to some Perilous Acts Just here me Out
(My son Whatever you Done God forgives without a Doubt)
How Bout? When there's a Drought I'm running all in they House
Take all the Weight apply Gorilla Tape to silence they Mouth
(God Forgives)
Then were was he when my Mom got Sick?
(God Forgives)
Even if I done some crazy shit?
(God Forgives)
Even after Everything I've done?
(God Forgives everybody every Last of his Sons)
I had a gun that I pulled in the Store to Butt the Clerk
He Had blood Pouring out his Melon onto his Shirt
I took the Cash as the Gash on his Cranium start to Bleed Lots
Burning Rubber hauling ass and Trashed a Pair of Reeboks
The Lords Name in Vain as I'm cursing my life Daily
My Body is a Temple full of Marijuan and Bailey's
No reply? When I yell at the Sky? Can I be frank Father?
I Been Having thoughts of Turning to a Bank Robber
(The Path you walking on is Treacherous and Reeks of Death
Bow Before the Lord of the Jesuits, Bow at Jesus Steps)
Will that put the Food on the Table for both my Children?
Will that Pay the Super the Rent to Stay in the Building?
Will that Help a Person progress and Solve Everything?
Been Praying all my Life and that Never has Changed Anything
It's Hard to Believe that He really Created many things
When Everything in Life is a Struggle the threats are Menacing
They cause the Death of innocent Immigrants Killed by Militants
Where the Hell is God when Machetes Severe they Ligaments?
Where the Hell is God I Been Clamoring trying to Reach him?
(Well God left the Bible for his Children to Teach em)
You Said it Best when you Said that He Left
You Must be Blind Father
My Uncle neck Was slashed they Murdered Him for Nine Dollars
(Lets speak in my Office come out of the Confessional)
I don't Give a shit if I ruin the Whole Processional!
(Please Come back my Son they Having sunday Mass)
Every Last one of these Motherfuckers can Kiss my ass!
Ya'll Piggy Back on Cowardice
And Scientific Ignorance
The Bible and Sumerian Tablets have No Difference
The Same stories told again again throughout the Ages
The Bible Mentions Alien Nephilim in it's Pages
Krishna also broke up some Bread at the Last Supper
Both were Resurrecting ascending to Heaven Upper
The Babylonians spoke of a Serpent and Forbidden Fruit
The Bibles been tampered and Everything within it is Dilute
(Blasphemy you Dare to Speak against the Holy Scriptures?)
Your not Listening and your Blind to the Bigger Picture!
Corralling of the Sheep without the Answers (Pause)
Religion takes more Lives in a year than are Claimed in Cancer
Remember all My Words
Like you Memorizing Leviticus
Our dna is Alien Mix Australopithecus
Yall really just Don't Give A shit
(Please your gonna Have to Leave)
The Mind of a Man Created Everything that you Believe
You den of thieves!
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Confessions Lyrics

Beast 1333 – Confessions Lyrics