Yo this that Boom Bap snap we Back
Another Killer track
Ahead of the Pack
You Faded to Black
Cuz shit is so Wack
I'm spitting the Facts
We bringing it Back to Back tracks
Flipping em out Like Flap Jacks
What about that?
Send em out Back
Set em out Flat
Said the Mouth Rap
Unfuckwitable puff puff and I Go
Hit em in the Mind tough tough wit the blows
We Buck at your Shows
Just killing the Foes
And killing they Dreams
And drilling they goals
So keep on your Toes
We better then them
Better than who?
You Better Defend
Your Playpen
Never for Collabs we have to pay Them
We the Made Men
My name remain the Three to add to Plain Ten
Wit the same Pen
I'll Overflow your soul until you say When
Cuz I say So
Your Whole existence consisting of Pesos
Better make Sure
Prepare yourself for War like all the Late Shows
We the same Bros
Civilians walking amongst ya in our Plain Clothes
By the Skin of the Nose
Templar~Masta Builda aint no iller than Those
The Pros are the Cons when the Cons are the Pros
Bombing em Robbing em Vamonos No,
They Captured your Soul
Time to take it Back Attack and take a Control
They Swallow us whole just leaving the Bones
Believe it they Deceiving the Clones
Deceiving the Drones
Be Weary they Deceiving, Thieving
Leaving us Loans
I been in the Zone wont Postpone
Fitted the Dome a lil Toast Chrome
For the Four Phones
I''ll have y'all Niggas Flown to where I Crush Bones
You Soft Scones
Be Careful what waters you try Traversing
We swim amongst the Sharks
While y'all feeding with Sea Urchins
Yo the Beep Beep Urgent
My flows are Damaging your Land Lines
I Booby trapped the Path
With the wrath of a Blasting Land Mine
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No Good Lyrics

Beast 1333 – No Good Lyrics