Love me or hate me
There's still an obsession
I hope all you rappers learned yo lessons
It's avias seay off, on this track
I'm reppin for da L and fina bring it back

Don't hate my lyrics it's just a blessing
Maybe we can collab drop something fresh and
I'll be posted up on the block in the lac
That's the way I roll when I spit it like that

Okay lets go
Yo yo yo
This is avias on the track and not j cole
This is avias on the track and not j cole
Don't mean to sound like that but let it be told
I have to clarify a lot of you rappers bold
Everyone might've done rap but nothing like this
"avias what you dropping next" (yo I got a list)
Google me I insist before my time run out
I aint no 10 minutes of fame promise you that no doubt
Just a lot a rappers getting Acknowledgement for garbage
Talking killing stealing dealing flashy cars and cards an
I don't want to be a follower cause I'm more a leader
Knowing yall every next move like a tarot card reader
Said my bars aint hard enough it's okay yall I'll breed em
When they get viscious don't be surprise yo when I free em
I tend to be cocky sometimes in the this rap game
But yo bullying all I know standing up for my name
I want to introduce the new and never the same
Love the way my fanz just be repping my name
The more you rep, the more I step, move ahead in the game
I'm like a prep, just feed me that, I drive the crowds mo insane
Like a rocket take off my music blast off the charts
Taking other rappers career breaking many hearts
And the more support you show we will never part
Like celie and nettie nah yall don't make me start
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Reality Check Lyrics

Avias – Reality Check Lyrics