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Loose Wires Lyrics

Avias – Loose Wires Lyrics

Microphone, you ready?

Im the kinda rapper, that yo mommy warned yo ass about
Im milking all yall allowances like yall cash cows
Its levels to this flow, they gave up but i go miles
I killing all these rappers have the seat down any aisle
They say i flow to deep, guess i am crazy, where a shrink
I need a therapist to relieve stress and help me think
So many followers like im obama highest rank
I work yall fucking ears let me slow down, go have a drank
Its many people claim it, but this city is just mines
Lakeland show so much love, like its valentines
Sometimes i feel alone in this rap game cause they are blind
On shutters island by myself and my brain fried
But i aint no joke i got these raps that make you croak
Dont stess my fucking haters cause i know these niggas broke
They think they flows harder but i think they smoking dope
And ask me if i give a fuck cause the answer nope

Loose wires (2x's)

I gotta yall jumpin up and down and shouting hooray
They call me braniac but deep down inside im am cray
Past enemys that tried me, they in nursing homes with trays
A lot of music lovers answered they prayers better days
Im busting through you speakers with new rhymes my name is hot
Ungrateful bitches better appreciate um all yall got
Go hard like lil wayne and for them thot bitches a cock
You search me, download, play me cause yall know that im gone rock
Loose wires in my trunk connected to my lambo hunk
Lame bitches move out my way let me teach yall for yall flunk
They try to be titanic but im icy so they sunk
Slow bitches aint gone understand um spitting like chipmunks

Um spitting like chipmunks, to yo bitch im a hunk
They call me king of diamonds cause i keep these bitches crunk
I know i irritate these niggas like a fucking speed bump
Like a bad case of the chicken pox's, itch, scratch, mump

Im racist to bad rappers please dont step over your bounty
Crew posted with the camflouge ready to roundy
These bars are too brilliant for a fucking polk county
Go ahead interscope and fucking just sign me

I hope you learned you lesson that my rhymes are not a bore
After all motherfuckers what the fuck yall came here for
Ill rap this shit right up but i know that yall gone want more
Go ahead, google bitch, fall out on floor

Loose wires (2x's)
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