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Hotter Than Hot Lyrics

Avias – Hotter Than Hot Lyrics

Lets go
Uh huh

No need to try to impress me, gone and step up yall bars
I'm hotter than a side of hot sauce that's on peppers in jars
I'm that heat you feel when you press infra red on massage
I'm like a let down didn't see your pic in family collage
The world got tired I offered my title up for a while
But rap niggaz got so scared of me like a juvenile
I gave the okay but with inches a nigga go a mile
So I treated them like ike rather keep my profile
It's just so funny how a nigga was picked on growing up
Now they got my music in they ears pour another cup
Used to hang with the class clowns like these niggaz so tough
When they eyes scroll cross my image I leave all of em stuck
And uma give it my all uma make goliath fall
Like some bowling pins cause I'm playing with a hard ball
Yes my temper is short but my money so tall
I got mo hits than F. Y. E music store sell in the malls

You go boy you hot boy (green)
You go boy you hot boy (green)

[Verse 2:]:
I didn't go to college but I got my high school diploma
Wasn't a true weed smoker but love the sweet aroma
Any beat I will damage it like tough hair to a comb ugh
Knocking labels off they feet, putting em all in a coma
See I'm a brand new rapper and I am not to be toyed
If I just touch a pad it's famous than shades by soulja boy
All these rappers old news like the teddy bear corduroy
They try to claim street but be sweeter than chips ahoy
I just took music to a whole nother demension
Took it through the solar system better pay attention
So yall don't want to learn guess put yall ass in detention
Got a booked up summer school I forgot to mention
Niggaz applauding success, cause they know I'm the best
Grown man shit, mindless behavior got baby hairs on they chest
Like my sisssies say these niggaz are a pitful mess
If you add dope bars with food we gone have music fest

You go boy you hot boy (green)
You go boy you hot boy (green)
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