Wassup wassup hi hi, where my niggaz that's reaching for the sky
Blowing up fireworks, fourth of july
Keep the swagger on a hundred, countings stacks on the side
This avias avias in yo speakers, thugs my music blowing up in yo tweakers
Yall rappers old news like neon beepers
I bury yall lyrics 6 feet, um the reaper
I once was lost but now I'm found, as I stand in my armor head facing the
I remember those days that I thought I was a goner, now they call me
Emperor bringing my family honor
Everytime I refer back to the past I think of how I was clowned sitting in
Now my life is the bomb it is a blast, and like gum I always wonder how
Long it's gonna last
There's was tough times getting kicked out in the streets
In my teens a runaway then to shelter would seek
I had fury so deep my face redder than dragons
Always desired love so in music found passion
I stand 5 foot 8 with my shield on my side
Blocking out all haters with envys and pride
Cute face thin waist so I'm fit for a bride
An I'll slice a ninja neck I have nothing to hide
Every since I was younger niggas called me gay
They ridicule played in my head like symphonaes
I just wanted to fit in this all I was begging
Wanted them to realize I was the next rap legend
And so the truth then hit the light now um chirping like crickets
Niggaz downloading music, selling out show tickets
Now the tables turned I'm surrounded by troops
Lyrics wetter than a fresh bowl of egg drop soup
And I owe thanks to my god
My spiritual uplifter, who was there from the start
I now desire serenity, spread my wings and be free
Shivers running through my body like a cold mug of tea
Who gone make it to top yo we gonna see
Music play more than videogames on a wii
I'm a samurai I'm the seed of prosperity
And I say
Take me away
I tell him
Take me away
I just wanna be free
Take me away
Take me away
What's comes around goes around
I'm the king of the this city I'm the king of this town
I have the victory so put ya swords down
I am a samurai sword, knives, and gown
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Samurai Lyrics

Avias – Samurai Lyrics