Hear someone say, these words aren’t made for talking
More like, these feet are made for walking
The further that we go it’s falling away, but still
You fucked it up, why should I care
You would of thought it was enough just to be aware
You fucked it up, why should I care
I’m waking up after living in a nightmare yeah
It’s just a culture shock, maybe
To play the victim game, save me
Slay me, for your words I’m not responsible
But still lies expectations, an honest goal
Yet heart so cold, no foresight of destruction
Shame to make a change without an introduction
It’s a must then, call it liberation
To set a blaze, burn the bridge that keeps up chained in
The same thing life, please have a higher price
Acting like nothing that special, it ain’t really nice
Ill-advised associations, with act of Satan
How long will there be craving, just when will it all cave in (it’s true)
(Hook 2x)
[Verse 2:]
Can’t think back, to how it started off
A blank past, don’t look back at the roads we cross
Showing off never, mind they own endeavors
For a shift in the measure, different place make it better
Or whatever, shiftless, how big the rift gets
Miss yes, but that’s the suspense
Rules get better, all though pain is forever
Whether or not the scales are levered; stone, feather
Clone, never will I see one not like you
Every time it’s not, no one forgot to spare the right to truth
Roots deep, a gift that’s more unique
Accept that, neglect pacts, facts are not for weak but still
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You (Fucked It Up) Lyrics

A.Tone Da Priest – You (Fucked It Up) Lyrics