Silence! Bow down and give praise to your king!
A.Tone, Da Priest
I’m the king, fi king, the King of Fire
[Verse 1]
I’m the King of Fi, Fi King, but please don’t call me Satan
Bring the flames to your domain, maintain my flavor Cajun
Blazing, my occupation, refrain from 911
A shining sun, O-type, right that be the hottest one.
I burn like blunts, begun my remain in 89’ been spreading since
They can’t stop me gaining lots, the fuel, fool this some eternal shit
The sperm she spit, your bitch, contained my royal flush
I must erupt, too much pressure in this world I volcano Draino nuts
Gang gone fuck, all my demons, meaning my torch carriers
I rather just cremate ya, after your fate, what’s the sense to bury ya
It gets scary bruh; engulf your city, no pity the ash I leave
Set the stage a blaze and track packed hazed smoked out no more of the
Scorching my force cause the pain you see, harness me you’ll be one with the light
Or enlightened, don’t be frightened, you either get hurt or you use it right
Make a phoenix take flight, oh what a sight, you may learn from my creation
No saving, evaporating, flagrant hating, trying to rain on my parade man
I close my eyes and I’m pyro, all I see is fire man
Inferno that burns slow, the flames keep getting higher man
In darkness the sparks glow, all I see is fire man (3x)
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The Fi King Lyrics

A.Tone Da Priest – The Fi King Lyrics