[Nina B Blanka]
You light my fire like a real live candle
Bout to put it on you boy, see what you can handle
Get it in all the way, it’s just me and you “F” what a hater say
Yea “F” what a hater say, we can rendezvous on a get away
Got the bottle Moscato pour it in the glass
My hand on your dick, your hand on my ass
Pure hot flame, pure hot flame, squeeze my tots while I say your name
Yea I like it like that, throw it on me I'ma throw it right back
Get you all sprung yea I do it like that
Have you begging, heart beating, don’t do it like that
Nina B, Nina B, call me shawty with mean g, I can rise to the top like the queen bee
Nina B, Nina B, call me shawty with mean g, I can rise to the top like the queen bee
Light it up, light it up, let’s set the world on fire
All inhibitions gone, just give into your desires (2x)
Oh you light my fire, babe I can see it in your eyes
Now watch us rise like a flame, watch it rise like a flame right (2x)
[A.Tone Da Priest]
It’s too hot the flames risen, devil’s den when we playing with fire
You laying down and I’m slaying higher, screams I get deeper it increase desire
You toss it back like an umpire, admire you, you burning girl
Come over here; play with my torch, for your love you got me yearning
Turning ice to steam my type of queen, that candle lit how it set the scene
Turn the hottest dream to reality, no fallacy, we live this thing
While rolling green to get you high, sweat get seen as we passing time
You nasty girl, cause you extra try and that body there shaped like a pear that ripe
Watch us share the light, cause the world watching
All eyes on we, I can’t get them off me, don’t plan on dropping this ball, not him
Gonna be up till my body found rotten,
Never down trodden, keep your head up, somebody should of given these niggas the heads up
All I see is red but, I’m still so cool never fold under pressure always keep my bank full
Don’t need no tool; ya’ll kill yourselves, playing with fire that’s bad for your health
The Fi King team brings more than wealth try to step on my court and you might just melt
How that burnt felt, wouldn’t know I delivered it
You slip with you chick round me won’t get her back
I ride at the quickest speeds so remember that
The game with me is cremation the embers black
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Light My Fire Lyrics

A.Tone Da Priest – Light My Fire Lyrics