I got my flow in, that’s ocean
All around the world, that’s motion
If you never heard, get knowing
Cause this monster we made keep growing
International, we call it world music
The flow is the tide, you ride the wave don’t lose it
I do abuse this skill that I have
Cause with words it’s such power, the just grab you
Mad? Tell me why, were here to help you
An orator, reporter of everything felt through
The pulse of the nation, space, and the galaxy
The tell you something different about me, I say fallacy
I don’t say bow to me, I ain’t royalty
But every track I land on, I do fuck up royally
My boiling point be rising, cause I’m burning up
For certain bluntly put, I’m Satan hot, leaving furnace guts
T don’t front, never, clever rhymes just make you think deep
Past you comfort zone, blowing your high, may want to repeat priest
Peace be with you, if you’re too set to change
Mind in chains, I got the key, are you willing to work to gain mane
[Verse 2:]
You on the same thing, I forever move and shape the Earth
And you wonder why your own home, questioning your worth
Knowledge dispersed, first resistance then comes recognition
Like maybe I’m doing something wrong, I probably should listen
Improve decisions, can’t we think about a consequence
I see you living for the moment, knowing not the pain you lent
The time you spent, in selfish phases, in your mind in such dark places
Open your eyes to the light, can’t you the hurt on their faces
It's vein to waste time, assigned to each of us
To teach enough to guide those looking forward towards what we discuss
The future must, hold a spot for me, I can’t stop rising
It started slow but now my glow a kin to stars in sky, damn
Despite the ones who told me no, laughed in my face quick
To put me down, make me the clown, but now they stuck on faded
They say it’s my time, I agree, I’ll be forever down
Below the ground, so profound and deep, you sink you shall drown
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Ocean Lyrics

A.Tone Da Priest – Ocean Lyrics